Hacking is Offensive. Welcome to ShadowCast.

About ShadowCast

ShadowCast was created in response to the information security industry hijacking all that is great about hacking and making it about whatever vendor's product they want to throw at you, or some douchebag stroking his or her ego (among other things). We grew up listening to amazing hacker radio shows, and we aspire to bring the feel, fun, and knowledge from those classic shows back to the forefront with ShadowCast.

The cast of ShadowCast is comprised of the Shadow Systems crew. It's a revolving cast, and we are open to having guests, so drop us a line if you would be interested in being on the show!

ShadowCast is not a typical podcast. We consider our show to be an "internet radio show", which means most episodes are over an hour long. Expect the normal show length to be anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. We cover the latest security news and have one main topic every episode which can be everything from an exposé of sex workers online, the history of phone phreaking, or the current state of ransomware.

Listen to the Show

There are a couple of options for listening to ShadowCast. The primary way people listen to the show is by subscribing to the main Shadow Systems feed which also includes the Dallas Hackers After Hours podcast. You can subscribe via iTunes, PocketCasts, or the RSS feed. We also have an RSS feed exclusively for the show as well. If you prefer listening online, you can visit our SoundCloud page as well.

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Want to give us feedback, tips, ideas, complain, or be a part of the show? Feel free to contact us! Seriously, just say something. We're lonely.